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CD från Solveig Wikman, Piano

Fanny Mendelssohn- Hensel:

Zwölf Clavierstücke  Vier römische Klavierstücke


The Swedish pianist, Solveig Wikman, interprets these short pieces of virtuous character and reveals a lucid way of understanding music Fanny Hensel. Wikman, which is certainly a consummate pianist, shows her pianistic virtuosity emphasizing sound transparent fabric marked by totally romantic melod. An excellent recording of Sterling Records.

http://sonograma.org/suplement-de-discos/fanny-hensel/  and           http://sonograma.org

Solveig Wikman plays her Bechstein E Grand Piano very well indeed, despite the size of the instrument; it is the largest that Bechstein make. She treats it with a lightness of touch, when required, so that the character of each piece shines through. Wikman presents most intelligent and thoughtful interpretations, proving to be an excellent interpreter, and one who makes me want to hear her perform more music by Fanny Hensel. The recorded sound is good and faithful to the piano, and the disc comes with an excellent booklet. The line-note is by Solveig Wikman herself and in it she not only gives us biographical details, but also descriptions of each of the works presented.

From MusicWeb International: http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2017/Mar/Hensel_piano_CDA16992.htm














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